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Columbanus; from Leinster to Bobbio

Born around 540 CE, Columbanus was one of the most influential spiritual and cultural figures of the early Middle Ages and one whose legacy has lived on since. As recently as 28 August 2015 his influence has been recognised by none other than Pope Francis who called him the “Father of Europe”. Not only did…


Friends of Columbanus pop-up exhibition tells the story of Bangor and its saints in six panels. The exhibition can be seen at local libraries on the following dates: 28th Sept. – 10th Oct. Newtownards Library 12th Oct. – 24th Oct. Holywood Library 26th Oct. – 7th Nov. Bangor Library 9th Nov. – 18th Nov. Donaghadee…


Bangor’s commemoration of the 1400th anniversary of the death of Columbanus will come to a climax over the weekend 20th to 22nd November when the Columbanus 1400 Festival will be held in the town. The festival opens with the now-traditional Journey of a Single Day concert in Bangor Abbey on the evening of Friday 20th….

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