9th Bangor (St Gall’s) Scout Group explore their heritage

Cross Hill is pointed out on a old Bangor Map

On Saturday 9th March 2024 a group from the 9th Bangor (St Gall’s) Scout Group took part in a heritage walk from the North Down Museum to St Gall’s Church on the Crawfordsburn Road via the Coastal Path.

Starting at the Museum the route explored the grounds of Bangor Castle, Cross Hill and the Bells Walk

Scout leader Jack Denvir organised the walk with the assistance of Charlie Reid from Friends of Columbanus Bangor. It formed part of the activities for a Local Knowledge Badge with a focus on heritage. Given the Scout Group is based at St Gall’s Church it was particularly appropriate that the story of Bangor Abbey and its Saints was the main focus of the day.

The handout helped tell the story of the Bangor Antiphonary and the “Enduring City upon a Hill”!

After climbing Cross Hill (today hidden under a laurel thicket) the Monastic Sundial was visited and then the Bangor Bell trail followed to Malachy’s Wall and the Bangor Bell Sculpture on the original site of Comgall’s 6th Century Abbey.

The group learns about Milano – the City whose famous Museum now houses the Antiphonary

Leaving Bangor Abbey behind, the group proceeded along Brunswick Road, past St Comgall’s Church and onto Stricklands Glen and Smelt Mill Bay (where Columbanus and his companions are believed to have set sail on their European mission).

The Scouts back at base by the Church and the Bear of St Gall

Despite steady rain the group made good time along the coast arriving back at St Gall’s Church in robust spirits!

Thanks to North Down Museum for hosting the visit and providing handouts for all the scouts.