‘to advance public education and raise awareness…. and encourage appreciation of the life and work of Columbanus and knowledge of his historical and cultural heritage.’

Columbanus Festival

Columbanus Festival Weekend

The annual Columbanus Festival, which commemorates the life and legacy of Columbanus, will take place during the weekend of 16/17 November 2019 in Bangor. The programme includes a series of talks on Columbanus; a guided walk following the Bangor Bell Trail; a concert featuring the talented Ards CCE traditional Irish music, singing and dancing group plus the critically acclaimed Cappella Caeciliana Chamber Choir; and a cross-community church service in First Bangor Presbyterian Church.

Festival co-ordinator Alderman Deborah Girvan said, “Columbanus, an Irish monk, spent 20 years of his life in Bangor before sailing off in a boat from Bangor with 12 disciples around 590 AD.  He landed in St Coulomb, Brittany, and travelled through northern France, Switzerland, and Austria preaching and founding monastic settlements, which attracted many monks and scholars whose fame and influence are felt to this day. 

He finally ended up in Bobbio, Italy, where he died in 614 AD.  The Friends of Columbanus Bangor are keeping his memory alive by commemorating his life and legacy through its annual Columbanus Festival.  I would commend this programme to anyone who wants to learn about a remarkable man who left his indelible mark not only in Bangor but also across Europe. ” 

For further information on the programme, please visit and Columbanus NI Facebook page

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