Museum Project

This project provides an education resource and experience on the life of Columbanus and Bangor’s Christian Heritage, available to schools in September and October 2015. This can be both school based and museum based or both. Heather Curran, the museum’s Education officer provides a teachers’ booklet, work sheets and resource materials working with other Committee members. A set over-heads is planned. Leanne Briggs the museum’s resident archaeologist will also advise.

Friends of Columbanus Bangor will assist when the resources are ready. Friends of Columbanus Bangor will provide complimentary assistance by, for example, providing guides to key sites on the Bangor Columban Way. Guides have had Blue badge style training.

The museum is will provide Calligraphy demonstrations for primary children. This is available either in the museum or in schools depending on financial constraints. All Primary Schools in Bangor are invited to participate.