‘to advance public education and raise awareness…. and encourage appreciation of the life and work of Columbanus and knowledge of his historical and cultural heritage.’

PRESS RELEASE Columbanus Primary Schools International Garden Project springs to life.

Four local schools who recently took part in a “Columbanus International Garden Project” were presented with certificates of participation on Sunday 25th April by the Green Butterflies organisation as part of a visit to Bangor.

The project, inspired by the legacy of Bangor’s most famous Saint and his love and dedication to nature, took place in both Italy and Bangor and it is hoped will roll out to other countries within the Columban Way where Columbanus established monastic sites over 1400 years ago including France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

The theme was to create or design a garden with reference to our Christian heritage and allow the children to learn about our most famous Saint in a novel and interesting way in this the 1400 anniversary of his death in 615AD.

The project organised locally by the Friends of Columbanus Bangor group, saw Ballyholme, Central Integrated, Clandeboye and Kilmaine Primary Schools took part in the first of what is hoped will become an annual part of their learning experience. It is also hoped that the schools involved can set up relationships with the schools abroad and share experiences between the European countries of Columbanus.

Pictured presenting the children with their certificates are Manu Bertoncini from the Green Butterflies & Order of Malta along with Deputy Mayor of North Down Cllr Carl McClean


Ballyholme Primary School: L-R: Alex Stevenson and Luke Irvine












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