Brittany Comes to Bangor

Friends of Columbanus Bangor welcomed 43 members of Les Amis Breton de Columban to Bangor on Sunday 10 September.  After mass at St Comgall’s Church, Father Gunn gave a talk on the icons of the Bangor Saints before inviting them for tea and biscuits in the Paish Hall where they were entertained by Ards CCE musicians. To mark the occasion, Kenneth Irvine, FoCB President, presented Rene Foregeoux, President of the Breton association, with a framed print of Tanaide, a former abbot of Bangor who was killed by the Vikings.    

Some of the Breton visitors in North Down Museum with the Bangor Bell

David Lennon, vice- chair of Friends of Columbanus Bangor said, ” The Breton visit to Bangor was planned two years ago but it had to be cancelled because of Covid.  We were delighted to welcome our French neighbours to Bangor to explore our Columbanus heritage.  After their visit to St Comgall’s we took them on a guided tour, with French translation, to Bangor Abbey, St Malachy’s Wall, and the Bangor Bell.  

One of the Breton visitors getting into character as a Bangor monk

This was followed by a short walk along the Bell Walk to the North Down Museum to view the Columbanus Exhibition where they were officially welcomed by the Mayor, Jennifer Gilmour.  Friends of Columbanus Bangor has established strong relationships with our Breton colleagues and we will continue to develop joint projects and exchanges in the future.”