About Us

Friends of Columbanus Bangor was formed in 2013 to organise a programme of events to commemorate the 1,400th anniversary of the birth of Columbanus, the legendary Bangor monk who is acknowledged with revitalising Christianity in Northern Europe during the 6th century.

The members continue to co-ordinate the annual Columbanus Festival in Bangor, Northern Ireland, around the 21st November. In addition, they organise conferences, lectures, walks and trips about Columbanus and his disciple Gall throughout the year.

The association contributes to the development of the Columban Way, a European pilgrim route that traces the footsteps of Columbanus from Mount Leinster in Ireland, where he was born in 543AD, through eight European countries to Bobbio in Italy where he died in 615AD.

We maintain constructive relationships with similar organisations throughout Europe and have established twinning arrangements with schools, sports clubs, choirs, music and cultural groups in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Past Activities and Events

The links below will give a flavour of some of the activities and events members have taken part in.


Join the Friends

If you would like to join Friends of Columbanus, Bangor please email membership@friendsofcolumbanusbangor.co.uk for details.